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Medically-Guided Weight Management

Louisville Medical Center is proud to offer a weight management program that is safe and tailored specifically to you and your lifestyle.  We want to make weight management easier by partnering with you to find a doable, manageable plan that fits your needs.

How it works...

Your weight management program will be set up in 3-month segments to allow you the kick start you need for your weight loss and management journey.  Book an initial consultation and discuss your weight goals with our dedicated providers.  We'll discuss your health history, any chronic conditions such as heart disease or diabetes that may require different dietary recommendations and evaluate your overall health.  We will draw blood for initial laboratory studies to help us identify any health issues you are unaware of and potentially studies to identify hormone imbalances or vitamin deficiencies.  All of these labs are billable to insurance.

Next, we will make recommendations and write prescriptions for any medications that are appropriate, such as B-12 injections, for your weight loss kick-start.  We will provide nutritional counseling based on your dietary preferences and ask that you keep a food journal.  An easy way to keep a food journal is to download the My Fitness Pal app, which allows you to log foods by scanning their UPC codes with your smartphone camera.  We will also make suggestions for helpful tools to help you track caloric intake and healthy lifestyle progress.

After your first visit, you'll return for weekly coaching, nutritional counseling, address emotional setbacks and successes and evaluate overall progress.  We'll discuss everything that is going right and make adjustments for setbacks.  You'll be able to receive additional daytime support over the phone or in person during regular office hours if you have questions or problems with no additional charges or fees.

At the end of your initial 3-month segment, you can choose to continue weekly sessions, reduce the frequency of your sessions to transition over to maintenance mode, obtain medication recommendations as necessary, or, if you've achieved your goals, get your maintenance recommendations and end your appointments.


Initial Consultation including medication set-up and injection:  $50

Weekly visit including injections:  $30

Invest in 4 visits with injections after Initial Consultation:  $100 (savings of $20)

For questions or to schedule your initial consultation, please call 402-234-5049.

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