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Louisville Medical Center is Licensed to Provide DOT and Immigration Physicals

With the addition of Alexandra Suslow-Geditz, MD as the Center's Medical Director, these specialized physicals will be offered at reasonable rates.

DOT Physicals

In Cass County, an area that sees a high population of professional, over-the-road and local drivers, getting a DOT physical should be simple, easy and affordable. "Dr. G" is fully licensed to perform these physicals at Louisville Medical Center. She is registered on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration National Registry.

All screenings and lab testing can be done in-house and under Dr. G's supervision. A DOT physical exam is valid for up to 24 months. Dr. G may also issue a medical examiner's certificate for less than 24 months when it is desirable to monitor a condition, such as high blood pressure.

Dr. G will furnish one copy of the results to the person who was examined and complete a Medical Examiner's Certificate. Appointments can be made in advance by calling 402-234-5049 or online here. If scheduling an appointment online, be sure to select Dr. Alexandra Suslow-Geditz as the provider.

Immigration Physicals

Dr. G is also a approved by the Department of State to provide Immigration Physicals and is on the certified list of panel physicians.

Immigration Physicals are necessary for immigrating to the USA and becoming a permanent resident, or "green card holder". These physicals are designed to detect certain conditions that make immigrants inadmissible to the US, such as alcohol and chemical addictions, certain communicable diseases that are a threat to public safety, appropriate vaccination status and mental health issues that could be construed as a danger to the public.

When arriving for your Immigration Physical, you should bring all necessary documentation with you for your appointment. Documents required include, but are not limited to

  • Valid passport or other government-issued photo identification

  • Vaccination records

  • Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record (if adjusting status)

  • Required number of U.S. passport photos

  • Report of the condition and any special education or supervision requirements (if anyone in your family is immigrating with learning disabilities)

  • List of medications

  • Tuberculosis certificate from your doctor (if you’ve had a previous positive skin test for tuberculosis) proving that you were adequately treated

  • Certificate of clearance signed by a doctor or public health official, proving that you were adequately treated (if you have had syphilis)

  • If you have a history of harmful or violent behavior resulting in injury to people or animals, information that will allow the doctor to determine whether the behavior was related to a psychiatric or medical problem, or to drug or alcohol use

  • If you have been treated or hospitalized for psychiatric or mental illness, or alcohol or drug abuse, written certification including the diagnosis, length of treatment, and your prognosis

For a complete list of documentation, what to expect at the physical and what vaccinations are necessary to have a successful physical, click here.

Dr. G is fluent in multiple languages, including Spanish, so please do not hesitate to have your physical done at Louisville Medical Center with her. Please call 402-234-5049 to schedule an appointment or online here.

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